Supporting the Parents of Students with Irish Literacy Difficulties in Gaeltacht Schools


  • Fiona MacIntyre Coyle
  • Sinéad Nic Aindriú


parents, literacy difficulties, challenges, Irish, Gaeltacht


International research states that parental involvement in education can impact positively on a child’s academic, social, and emotional development. This study investigated the strategies in place in Gaeltacht schools to support the parents of student with early Irish literacy difficulties. This is particularly important as students in Gaeltacht schools are fully immersed in the Irish language for the first two years of their primary education (age 4-6). They do not undertake formal English literacy until first class (age 7-8). Semi-structured interviews were undertaken with four special education teachers from Gaeltacht primary schools in Ulster. The findings suggest that the home languages of students can pose difficulties in relation to parents helping their child with homework. The strategies implemented by schools and teachers to address the challenges that they face in this area are discussed. Following on from this, recommendations are made as to how parents in these schools can be supported further.



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